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feature   The Virginia Partnership for Animal Welfare and Support (VA PAWS) was formed in 1998 and serves the New River Valley including the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski, and the city of Radford. VA PAWS believes the problems faced by many companion animals in today’s world – overpopulation, neglect, abandonment, abuse and euthanasia – can only be permanently resolved by addressing their causes. Most of the suffering can be traced back to irresponsible breeding, irresponsible ownership and inadequate animal welfare legislation and enforcement. VA PAWS seeks to ease this suffering and work towards its elimination through five goals:
  1. Education, Public Outreach, and Spay/Neuter Services
  2. Support and Encouragement of Other Groups
  3. Promotion of Policies and Efforts Incorporating Animals into Daily Life
  4. Improvement of Animal Legislation at Local and State Levels
  5. Rescue, Placement, and Referral

What's Happening
Learning Dog Conference
Check out detailed info at www.learningdog.us!!! A superb conference on communicating with canines. January conference sold... Read More

Pet Behavior Column New to Roanoke Times
Dr. Maxwell's new column addressing pet behavior will appear in the Extra section of the Roanoke Times on the 1st Tuesday of each month. As Va's only certified applied animal behaviorist, she will address questions,as submitted by readers, about pet behavior. Through useful and accurate information the column will be of help to both pet owners and pet professionals in their interactions with the mystifying mutts and capricious cats we all dearly love! Submit your questions to MeganMaxwell@petbehaviorchange.com ... Read More

Our Targeted Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage program began several weeks ago. VAPAWS is focusing on one targeted area at a time, as resources and finances allow. All cats are s/n, given vaccinations, tested for disease, treated for parasites then released to the same area after a full week of monitored care. Food, water and shelter provided year round by caring, local residents. To date, VAPAWS has trapped six feral cats. Four cats have been treated and re-released. The fifth regretfully escaped from our grasp. The sixth, a female in heat, tested positive for FIV. A fortunate turn of events allowed... Read More

VAPAWSCommunityForum@yahoogroups.com is now our official contact center ... Read More

Therapy Dogs Make the Rounds
Stella and Rainbow Sky,... Read More

Website Under Construction
Our apologies but our donation button seems to be on the fritz! Please mail donations to VAPAWS at P O Box 172, Christiansburg, Va 24068.... Read More